Javier Mascherano

  Hebei China Fortune

Javier Alejandro Mascherano

Date of birth
8 June, 1984 (35 years)
Place of birth
San Lorenzo
Argentina   Italy
Midfield - Defensive Midfield
Current club

Transfer History

Season From To
2017/18 Barcelona   Barcelona Hebei China Fortune   Hebei China Fortune
2010/11 Liverpool   Liverpool Barcelona   Barcelona
2008/09 West Ham   West Ham Liverpool   Liverpool
2007/08 Liverpool   Liverpool West Ham   West Ham
2006/07 West Ham   West Ham Liverpool   Liverpool
2006/07 Corinthians   Corinthians West Ham   West Ham
2005/06 River Plate   River Plate Corinthians   Corinthians
2002/03 River Plate   River Plate (U20) River Plate   River Plate


33 Wenyi Chi Wenyi Chi Goalkeeper
30 Yaxiong Bao Yaxiong Bao Goalkeeper
1 Xiaofeng Geng Xiaofeng Geng Goalkeeper
Cheng Yang Cheng Yang Goalkeeper
1 Ya Ou Ya Ou Goalkeeper
Jing Liu Jing Liu Defence
Ximing Pan Ximing Pan Defence - Centre-Back
2 Junzhe Zhang Junzhe Zhang Defence - Centre-Back
4 Yangyang Jin Yangyang Jin Defence - Centre-Back
5 Andy Russell Andy Russell Defence - Centre-Back
5 Zheng Lang Zheng Lang Defence - Centre-Back
26 Wenjun Jiang Wenjun Jiang Defence - Left-Back
11 Zhipeng Jiang Zhipeng Jiang Defence - Left-Back
23 Hang Ren Hang Ren Defence - Left-Back
13 Lin Cui Lin Cui Defence - Left-Back
14 Javier Mascherano Javier Mascherano Midfield - Defensive Midfield
3 Yuhao Zhao Yuhao Zhao Midfield - Defensive Midfield
21 Changsheng Wei Changsheng Wei Midfield - Defensive Midfield
15 Qiuming Wang Qiuming Wang Midfield - Right Midfield
35 Shiwei Che Shiwei Che Midfield - Right Midfield
Wei Ren Wei Ren Midfield
Yunpeng Gao Yunpeng Gao Midfield
38 Wei Zhang Wei Zhang Midfield
18 Gang Feng Gang Feng Midfield - Central Midfield
6 Senwen Luo Senwen Luo Midfield - Central Midfield
Fernandinho Fernandinho Striker - Right Wing
20 Huaze Gao Huaze Gao Striker - Right Wing
28 Chengdong Zhang Chengdong Zhang Striker - Right Wing
31 Tianyuan Xu Tianyuan Xu Striker - Left Wing
22 Ezequiel Lavezzi Ezequiel Lavezzi Striker - Secondary Striker
17 Shipeng Luo Shipeng Luo Striker
29 Qianglong Tao Qianglong Tao Striker - Centre-Forward
9 Xuesheng Dong Xuesheng Dong Striker - Centre-Forward
10 Marcão Marcão Striker - Centre-Forward
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