Date of birth
24 September, 1986 (33 years)
Place of birth
Striker - Centre-Forward
Current club

Transfer History

Season From To
2018/19 Botafogo   Botafogo Fortaleza   Fortaleza
2017/18 Vitória   Vitória Botafogo   Botafogo
2015/16 São Paulo   São Paulo Vitória   Vitória
2015/16 Shanghai Shenxin   Shanghai Shenxin São Paulo   São Paulo
2015/16 Bahia   Bahia Shanghai Shenxin   Shanghai Shenxin
2014/15 Shanghai Shenxin   Shanghai Shenxin Bahia   Bahia
2012/13 Cruzeiro   Cruzeiro Shanghai Shenxin   Shanghai Shenxin
2012/13 Náutico   Náutico Cruzeiro   Cruzeiro
2012/13 Cruzeiro   Cruzeiro Náutico   Náutico
2011/12 Al-Shabab Al-Arabi Club   Al-Shabab Al-Arabi Club Cruzeiro   Cruzeiro
2011/12 Cruzeiro   Cruzeiro Al-Shabab Al-Arabi Club   Al-Shabab Al-Arabi Club
2011/12 Náutico   Náutico Cruzeiro   Cruzeiro
2010/11 Cruzeiro   Cruzeiro Náutico   Náutico
2010/11 Ponte Preta   Ponte Preta Cruzeiro   Cruzeiro
2010/11 Cruzeiro   Cruzeiro Ponte Preta   Ponte Preta
2009/10 Villa Rio Esporte Clube (RJ)   Villa Rio Esporte Clube (RJ) Cruzeiro   Cruzeiro
2009/10 Fluminense   Fluminense Villa Rio Esporte Clube (RJ)   Villa Rio Esporte Clube (RJ)
2008/09 Villa Rio Esporte Clube (RJ)   Villa Rio Esporte Clube (RJ) Fluminense   Fluminense
2008/09 Americano-RJ   Americano-RJ Villa Rio Esporte Clube (RJ)   Villa Rio Esporte Clube (RJ)
2008/09 Desportiva Ferroviária (ES)   Desportiva Ferroviária (ES) Americano-RJ   Americano-RJ
2008/09 Rio Bananal Futebol Clube (ES)   Rio Bananal Futebol Clube (ES) Desportiva Ferroviária (ES)   Desportiva Ferroviária (ES)
2007/08 Desportiva Ferroviária (ES)   Desportiva Ferroviária (ES) Rio Bananal Futebol Clube (ES)   Rio Bananal Futebol Clube (ES)


1 Marcelo Boeck Marcelo Boeck Goalkeeper
23 Max Walef Max Walef Goalkeeper
Matheus Inacio Matheus Inacio Goalkeeper
12 Felipe Alves Felipe Alves Goalkeeper
Diego Tavares Diego Tavares Defence - Right-Back
2 Tinga Tinga Defence - Right-Back
25 Paulão Paulão Defence - Centre-Back
Lucas Gomes Lucas Gomes Defence - Centre-Back
3 Juan Quintero Juan Quintero Defence - Centre-Back
Jackson Jackson Defence - Centre-Back
Joaquim Joaquim Defence - Centre-Back
29 Adalberto Adalberto Defence - Centre-Back
4 Roger Carvalho Roger Carvalho Defence - Centre-Back
30 Bruno Melo Bruno Melo Defence - Left-Back
6 Carlinhos Carlinhos Defence - Left-Back
8 Derley Derley Midfield - Defensive Midfield
5 Paulo Roberto Paulo Roberto Midfield - Defensive Midfield
22 Felipe Araruna Felipe Araruna Midfield - Defensive Midfield
15 Felipe Felipe Midfield - Defensive Midfield
Adenilson Adenilson Midfield - Defensive Midfield
13 Gabriel Dias Gabriel Dias Midfield - Defensive Midfield
Fabián Zambrano Fabián Zambrano Midfield
55 Juninho Juninho Midfield - Central Midfield
27 Nenê Bonilha Nenê Bonilha Midfield - Central Midfield
19 Santiago Romero Santiago Romero Midfield - Central Midfield
10 Matheus Vargas Matheus Vargas Midfield - Attacking Midfield
7 Edinho Edinho Midfield - Attacking Midfield
Ronny Ronny Midfield - Attacking Midfield
28 Marlon Marlon Midfield - Attacking Midfield
32 Mariano Vázquez Mariano Vázquez Midfield - Attacking Midfield
Clodoaldo Clodoaldo Striker - Right Wing
96 Matheus Alessandro Matheus Alessandro Striker - Right Wing
97 André Luis André Luis Striker - Right Wing
95 Felipe Pires Felipe Pires Striker - Left Wing
91 Éderson Éderson Striker - Secondary Striker
20 Romarinho Romarinho Striker - Secondary Striker
11 Osvaldo Osvaldo Striker - Secondary Striker
9 Wellington Paulista Wellington Paulista Striker - Centre-Forward
Kieza Kieza Striker - Centre-Forward
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