Mitchell Osmond

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Mitchell Osmond

Date of birth
11 March, 1994 (25 years)
Place of birth
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  -   Third Round - US Open Cup 2019


USL Championship USL Championship
US Open Cup US Open Cup

Transfer History

Season From To
2018/19 Rio Red Storm (University of Rio Grande)   Rio Red Storm (University of Rio Grande) Indy Eleven   Indy Eleven
2016/17 CCSJ Crimson Wave (Calumet College of St. Joseph)   CCSJ Crimson Wave (Calumet College of St. Joseph) Rio Red Storm (University of Rio Grande)   Rio Red Storm (University of Rio Grande)


99 Jordan Farr Jordan Farr Goalkeeper
24 Mario Perez Mario Perez Goalkeeper
30 Christian Lomeli Christian Lomeli Goalkeeper
1 Evan Newton Evan Newton Goalkeeper
1 Keith Cardona Keith Cardona Goalkeeper
2 Lucas Farias Lucas Farias Defence - Right-Back
5 Mitchell Osmond Mitchell Osmond Defence
3 Macauley King Macauley King Defence
13 Anthony Manning Anthony Manning Defence - Centre-Back
29 Paddy Barrett Paddy Barrett Defence - Centre-Back
12 Greg Janicki Greg Janicki Defence - Centre-Back
15 Daniel Keller Daniel Keller Defence - Centre-Back
20 Karl Ouimette Karl Ouimette Defence - Centre-Back
21 Alex Crognale Alex Crognale Defence - Centre-Back
15 Neveal Hackshaw Neveal Hackshaw Defence - Centre-Back
16 Cory Miller Cory Miller Defence - Centre-Back
7 Ayoze Ayoze Defence - Left-Back
21 Brandón Poltronieri Brandón Poltronieri Defence - Left-Back
23 Tyler Pasher Tyler Pasher Defence - Left-Back
19 Kenney Walker Kenney Walker Midfield - Defensive Midfield
8 Craig Henderson Craig Henderson Midfield - Defensive Midfield
33 Adrian Ables Adrian Ables Midfield
4 Tyler Gibson Tyler Gibson Midfield - Central Midfield
8 Matt Watson Matt Watson Midfield - Central Midfield
18 Alioune Diakhate Alioune Diakhate Striker
12 Emerson Nieto Emerson Nieto Striker
27 Joshua Penn Joshua Penn Striker
Gabriel Rodrigues Gabriel Rodrigues Striker - Centre-Forward
14 Tanner Thompson Tanner Thompson Striker - Centre-Forward
20 David Goldsmith David Goldsmith Striker - Centre-Forward
9 Evgeni Starikov Evgeni Starikov Striker - Centre-Forward
14 Ilija Ilic Ilija Ilic Striker - Centre-Forward
17 Dane Kelly Dane Kelly Striker - Centre-Forward
Cristian Novoa Cristian Novoa Striker - Centre-Forward
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