Uriel Antuna


Carlos Uriel Antuna Romero

Date of birth
21 August, 1997 (22 years)
Place of birth
Gómez Palacio
Striker - Right Wing
Current club

Latest Matches Played

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  -   Round 31 - Major League Soccer 2019
  -   Round 30 - Major League Soccer 2019
  -   Round 30 - Major League Soccer 2019
  -   Round 29 - Major League Soccer 2019
  -   Round 28 - Major League Soccer 2019

Transfer History

Season From To
2019/20 Manchester City   Manchester City (U23) Guadalajara   Guadalajara
2019/20 Los Angeles   Los Angeles Manchester City   Manchester City (U23)
2018/19 Manchester City   Manchester City (U23) Los Angeles   Los Angeles
2018/19 FC Groningen   FC Groningen Manchester City   Manchester City (U23)
2017/18 Manchester City   Manchester City (U23) FC Groningen   FC Groningen
2017/18 Santos Laguna   Santos Laguna (U20) Manchester City   Manchester City (U23)


1 Raúl Gudiño Raúl Gudiño Goalkeeper
4 Antonio Rodríguez Antonio Rodríguez Goalkeeper
35 Antonio Torres Antonio Torres Goalkeeper
17 Jesús Sánchez Jesús Sánchez Defence - Right-Back
José Madueña José Madueña Defence - Right-Back
14 Antonio Briseño Antonio Briseño Defence - Centre-Back
Alexis Peña Alexis Peña Defence - Centre-Back
23 Carlos Villanueva Carlos Villanueva Defence - Centre-Back
21 Hiram Mier Hiram Mier Defence - Centre-Back
16 Miguel Ponce Miguel Ponce Defence - Left-Back
Cristian Calderón Cristian Calderón Defence - Left-Back
20 Jesús Molina Jesús Molina Midfield - Defensive Midfield
José Juan Vázquez José Juan Vázquez Midfield - Defensive Midfield
6 Dieter Villalpando Dieter Villalpando Midfield - Central Midfield
26 Fernando Beltrán Fernando Beltrán Midfield - Central Midfield
Víctor Guzmán Víctor Guzmán Midfield - Attacking Midfield
11 Isaac Brizuela Isaac Brizuela Striker - Right Wing
Uriel Antuna Uriel Antuna Striker - Right Wing
10 Javier López Javier López Striker - Right Wing
29 Alejandro Zendejas Alejandro Zendejas Striker - Left Wing
Jesús Angulo Jesús Angulo Striker - Left Wing
30 José González José González Striker - Left Wing
7 Alexis Vega Alexis Vega Striker - Centre-Forward
José Macías José Macías Striker - Centre-Forward
24 Oribe Peralta Oribe Peralta Striker - Centre-Forward
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